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The Competitive Landscape For Most Businesses Is Getting Tougher All The Time So It Is Vital That You Stand Out In Your Market & Are Getting The Best Possible Return On Your Investment In Marketing.

Being able to effectively market your products or services in crucial for generating sales in your business. Branding plays a part of that. A strong brand that connects with your target market makes marketing easier as people will already know your business, its personality, and the promise it makes to customers — all based on the positive set of impressions you’ve made and they’ve stored in their minds.

Equally, marketing should be viewed as an investment. Like any other investment, you need to track and measure the results frequently. The aim here is to be able to identify what’s working and what’s not and do more of what’s working and stop doing what isn’t. The stronger your business is at this, the more profitable it will be.

The Brand & Marketing Impact Indicator will help you gauge how effective you are across seven key areas that are important for making an impact in your marketplace.

The Indicator Assesses The Following Seven Areas:

  • Brand

    The strength and execution of your brand.

  • Market

    Your strength in understanding your market.

  • Messages

    The effectiveness of your marketing messages.

  • Results

    Your strength in monitoring results.

  • Collateral

    The strength and effectiveness of your collateral.

  • Data

    How effective you are in using data in your business.

  • Website

    The effectiveness of your website.

So, Here's What You Get:

  • You will receive a FULL detailed report is circa 20 pages
  • You receive very detailed feedback for each of the 7 key areas
  • Get comprehensive feedback for how you answered each and every question. There are 35 of them!
  • Valuable recommendations for how you can improve each area
  • Key action points for you to implement.
  • Get the insights on any areas you need to improve for making the biggest impact in your marketplace.
  • It is completely risk free. We give you a 30 day full money back guarantee where If you can honestly say that you are not 100% satisfied with what you get and have derived no value from it, then we will see to it that every penny or cent of your money is refunded to you – GUARANTEED.

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    After you complete your test, we will analyze your answers and will send the full report to you by email to your inbox within 24 hours. That's it. It's as easy as that!


What People Are Saying

The Brand & Marketing Impact Indicator cuts through all the emotions that can often cloud the truth when assessing your own business. I found the report to be accurate…even where I initially resisted. The feedback and Key Action Points are invaluable in taking my business forward to increase success.

Leigh Ashton Author of iSell and CEO of The Sales Consultancy