Business & Financial Modelling

We build bespoke and fully interactive excel-based business and financial models, which is key to forecasting with confidence in your business. All of our models involve automatic forecasting by month of your Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet & Cashflow, which are essential requirements if you are seeking to raise investment for instance, together with key summary schedules, sensitivity tools, key performance indicators and our strategic input and expertise in reviewing or defining your business model in the process. Our aim is to help ensure you achieve maximum profit benefit from your plans.

Also, all of our models are built in such a way that you get enduring benefit from them for not only using them now but also in future without the need to come back to us if you don’t want to. Simply adjust the dates and the assumptions you entered and the model will take care of all of the calculations automatically.

Our most popular product here is the 5-Year Profit Accelerator Roadmap Model. Options are available also for 12 month and 3 year time horizons. We can also tailor bespoke model-building packages according to your needs. Enquire now to find out more about this by clicking on the Next Step button below.