Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below a selection of Frequently Asked Questions for our Business Growth Diagnostic Service and the answers for them. If you have a question that doesn't appear here then simply get it touch with us by clicking here. We would be delighted to answer any questions you have.

Q1.   Who is behind Profit in Focus?

Profit in Focus was founded in 2011 by best selling author and Profit Specialist Kelly Clifford. Kelly is a qualified accountant with over fifteen years’ working experience, predominantly in the UK, with the latter years at Finance Director level. His experience extends across industries and businesses of varying sizes – ranging from smaller enterprises through to the £3 billion fund of a listed company.

Kelly is really passionate about helping business owners and entrepreneurs to be as profitable as they can be, so has written two books on the topic. He resigned from his well-paid job as a Finance Director – in the middle of arguably the worst recession in living memory – to set up Profit in Focus so that he could provide the vital tools, insights and resources that business owners need to transform the profits of their business.

Profit in Focus is a real, honest and genuine reflection of his open attitude to business, which is one of professional integrity, commitment and always seeking out collaborative opportunities for mutual benefit. Kelly is known for helping businesses to profitably THRIVE and his mission is to leave his clients and the people he helps feeling INVINCIBLE.

Q2.   What is the service?

At Profit in Focus we help business support professionals (which includes business coaches, consultants, accountants and advisors) to ATTRACT, WIN and RETAIN more profitable business clients through our unique white-labeled business 'growth' diagnostics and reporting service. Our service is designed to become part of your business process for all of your clients. We’ve done all of the hard work for you in creating them so you can simply harness the power of them and fast track your own success.

Watch the short explainer video here: click here now

Q3.   How does the service work?

The four included business growth diagnostics are:

  • Business Health Check Indicator
  • Brand & Marketing Impact Indicator
  • Financial Awareness Indicator
  • Sales Efficiency Indicator

Collectively they cover the four main growth driver areas in a business. Each diagnostic tend to take the form of about 35 questions, each with Yes, No or Maybe answers, and each of which typically take a client less than 5 minutes to complete, so no more than 20 minutes overall.

Off the back of each set of diagnostic questions, a full tailored circa 20-page growth feedback report is produced based on how that client answered every single question for that diagnostic. The report for that diagnostic goes back out to your client branded entirely as your business, so the client only ever sees your brand as part of this process and not ours. Our service works in a really easy, scalable and streamlined 5-stage process.

1.         AGREE IT

Through marketing or otherwise, you identify prospective and/or existing clients and agree the terms with them. You set the price that your clients pay and take payment directly accordingly based on what you agree with them. ONE Processing Credit covers 1 report and the corresponding Advisor Summary Report also.

2.         SEND IT

You then email directly to your client the relevant diagnostic links for your branded client pages based on what you have agreed with them. We provide you with your portal links during the set up process. Remember, we have absolutely no contact with your client.

3.         COMPLETE IT

Your client must complete the relevant diagnostics, which they can access through the links you send to them. It is your responsibility to ensure that your client completes them all in a timely way.

4.         PROCESS IT

Client responses are received by us, you are cc’d, we process the reports within 48 hours. When completed, the relevant report/s and the Advisor report/s are placed in a shared Dropbox. The receipt of client responses for a diagnostic through your unique link triggers a processing credit.

5.         DELIVER IT

You retrieve the report/s from the shared Dropbox and provide them to your client in the way you have agreed with them, Once again, we have absolutely no contact with your client here. The client relationship is yours to manage.

Watch the short explainer video for How it Works here: click here now

Q4.   What are the key benefits for my business?

The Profit in Focus Advantage:

  1. Be different - Helps you to differentiate your business from your competition.
  2. Stand out - Each growth diagnostic is fully branded as your business that provides you with a unique 'growth' focused point of difference.
  3. Keep control - We have no direct contact with your client whatsoever – the relationship is yours to manage always – your client doesn’t know we exist.
  4. Generate business - It’s perfect for 'qualified' lead generation.
  5. Get insights - Results in up to 140 growth insights for a client’s business being gained in less than 20 minutes of a client's time and none of yours. These insights enable you can better support the 'growth' needs of your business clients.
  6. Save time - Reduces levels of profit-draining non-chargeable time in your business.
  7. Grow profitably - Enables you to easily identify new revenue opportunities to grow your business in a more profitable and time-efficient way.

Q5.   Is there a brochure available that explains it all?

Absolutely. If you would like to see more about the service itself, then you can download the interactive service brochure directly here that explains how it works, gives samples of the reports, describes the key benefits and outlines the options etc.: click here now

Q6.   What areas do the business growth diagnostics cover?

The four included business growth diagnostics and the areas they cover are:

Business Health Check Indicator

Is your business profit friendly? This Business Health Check Indicator will help you gauge how effectively you are managing seven key areas that are important in building an enduring, profitable and successful business with 20-page detailed tailored recommendations, feedback and key actions report.

The Business Health Check Indicator looks at:

  • Business strategy and direction
  • Sales and marketing
  • Team effectiveness
  • Financial management
  • Systems and processes
  • Business protection
  • Personal satisfaction

Total questions: 35

Brand and Marketing Impact Indicator

Are you making the biggest splash possible in your market? The Brand and Marketing Impact Indicator will help you gauge how effective you are across seven key areas that are important for making an impact in your marketplace. Includes a 20-page detailed tailored recommendations, feedback and key actions report.

The Brand and Marketing Impact Indicator looks at:

  • Brand
  • Market
  • Messages
  • Results
  • Collateral
  • Data
  • Website

Total questions: 35

Financial Awareness Indicator

How well do you know your business numbers? The Financial Awareness Indicator will help you gauge how aware you are of and how good you are at managing the seven key areas that are important in building a financially successful business with a 20-page detailed tailored recommendations, feedback and key actions report.

The Financial Awareness Indicator looks at:

  • Money in
  • Money out
  • Funding
  • Pricing
  • Trends
  • Planning
  • Performance

Total questions: 45

Sales Efficiency Indicator

How efficiently are you managing your sales? The Sales Efficiency Indicator will help you gauge how efficiently you are managing five key areas that are important in maximizing the sales opportunities in your business. Includes a 16-page detailed tailored recommendations, feedback and key actions report.

The Sales Efficiency Indicator looks at:

  • Sales strategy
  • Customer needs
  • Measurement
  • Sales process
  • Opportunity management

Total questions: 25

Q7.   Can I see samples of the diagnostic reports?

Access to see sample reports is available through the service brochure simply by clicking on the links where indicated in it for each diagnostic: click here now

Q8.   Is the service for me?

If you’re a business coach, consultant, advisor or accountant who is also a business owner, you’ll know what it’s like. It takes all your energy to keep the business running. You’re constantly under pressure to keep things ticking over, keep your staff happy if you have them, and keep clients coming through the door. You’ve got your eyes fixed on everyday operations, and that means you’re not always able to see the BIG PICTURE. Something’s holding your business back…

You often find yourself facing some or all of the following four challenges:

  • Getting the 'working in' vs. 'working on' your business balance right because you are time poor.
  • Lack of consistent 'qualified' lead generation for new business.
  • Grappling with the curse of time consuming unqualified FREE consultations or wasted coffee meetings that lead nowhere.
  • Your client discovery taking too long and being too complicated – putting many potential clients off.

If this resonates for you then the service could be for you.

Q9.   Can it have my logo and brand?

Yes, your reports and portal will display your logo and brand and not ours.

Q10.   What elements of the reports can be customised?

A key benefit of the service is about your client not knowing we exist behind the scenes so the reports will be branded as your business with your colours and the last two pages for each report for Next Steps and Testimonials entirely customised for your business.

See an example of what a customised Business Health Check Indicator report looks like for one of our clients here: click here now

Q11.   What does an example of the online diagnostic questionnaire page look like?

You can see an example of the online questionnaire page that you will provide to your clients in the link below. You get four links in total - one for each of the diagnostics so you have maximum flexibility in how they are applied for each client.

To view the example:  click here now

(Note: Here the PIF logo will be replaced with your logo)

Q12.  Do you have any contact with my client?

Absolutely not! We have no direct contact with your client whatsoever – the relationship is yours to manage always – your client doesn’t know we exist.

Q13.  How do I charge my clients?

There is no change from how you likely do it now. You would charge, invoice and collect payment from your client as you ordinarily would.

Q14.  How does the pricing work?

Each diagnostic has a RRP for guidance only, which is outlined in the service brochure. You have flexibility to ultimately determine your pricing strategy though to ensure you generate a profit margin and sufficient return on investment,

In terms of our interaction, it is based on you purchasing Processing Credits to have each report produced branded as your business. As the volume of processing credits you use each month increases, the amount you pay for each credit decreases depending on what plan you are on.

See the service brochure for more details of the Processing Credit Purchase Plans : click here now

Q15.   What is a processing credit?

ONE Processing Credit covers the processing of 1 FULL growth report and the corresponding Advisor Summary Report also for one diagnostic for a given client.

Processing credits are valid for 12 months from purchase so don’t have to be used immediately so you can lock in more savings by buying bundles.

See the service brochure for details of the Processing Credit Purchase Plansclick here now

Q16.   Who owns the data and is it safe?

The client data is entirely yours to use as you determine. We guarantee 100% privacy and the data is safe.

Q17.  Can I try the diagnostics for myself?

Absolutely. If you are interested in becoming a client of the service and would like to explore it further then as part of that we let you take the growth diagnostics with our compliments. This is important so you can experience the process first hand to see how quick and easy it is to complete from a client's perspective.

Request a member of our team contact you about this by completing the interest form: click here now

Q18.  Is there a way to pilot the service?

Yes. We understand that there may be some uncertainty in trying anything new so we want to help reduce some of that risk for you. We’ve created a special part subsidized pilot package that sees up to 43% savings on the non-pilot equivalent that we make available for new clients from time to time. It entails purchasing in advance 16 processing credits to demonstrate your commitment to the pilot.

We do this to reward decisive decision makers but it also means that you are making an important financial commitment to the process but at the same time removes the perception of being seen to be left out of pocket for "sunk set up" costs should the pilot not be successful as it is balanced by the fact that you will have a minimum of 16 produced reports to show for it.

Remember, you are free to charge whatever you want for those reports to your clients so you will be able to more than recover the costs of the pilot by doing this and actually make a profit from it.

Request a member of our team contact you about this by completing the interest form:  click here now

Q19.  What are some suggested approaches?

It’s important to say here that we don’t prescribe how you structure things on your side. You have complete flexibility and discretion in that regard. However, here are some ideas for suggested approaches based on how our clients successfully approach it for their business:

  • Complete a Business Blitz Review for all new clients. The 4 reports 
may be combined with a 60 min 1 to 1 feedback session at a price point in the range of £295 to £495 or US$499 to US$799 for instance. This is guidance only and you are free to set the ultimate price level or even offer this for FREE as a way to
 WIN new business.
  • Annual reviews at a minimum thereafter so that progress can be benchmarked. This helps with client retention also.
  • Offer the Business Health Check for FREE (you cover the cost) and then upsell the remaining diagnostics.
  • For seminar/workshops, include the cost of an indicator in the ticket price to get rich insights into every one attending.
  • Cover the cost entirely yourself in the knowledge that the 140 insights will mean upsell and revenue opportunities for you and will WOW and impress your clients.

Ultimately, we suggest that you be creative with the way you package it up. Always be focused on the needs of your clients. We can certainly help you shape this should we work together.

We highly recommend you read Kelly Clifford’s book, The Profitable Professional for ideas and inspiration for determining the optimum approach for your business: click here now

Q20.   Is there a monthly commitment to purchase?

This depends entirely on the Processing Credit Purchase Plan option you choose. There are three options that entail a monthly commitment but equally there are three ‘Upfront and Save’ options that don’t.

See the service brochure for details of the Processing Credit Purchase Plans: click here now

Q21.  Is there a set up fee?

The answer is ‘it depends’. The PAYG option usually comes with a set up fee as outlined in the brochure. However, this set up fee doesn’t apply if you choose any of our Monthly Plans (minimum 6 month commitment) or ‘Upfront and save’ plans.

See the service brochure for details of the Processing Credit Purchase Plans : click here now

Q22.  Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, this to ensure that both our respective business interests are protected, everything is clear and there is no confusion. Besides, it is good and standard business practice. Don’t worry though, the agreement is only one page in length and not complex. It is all signed electronically so is quick, simple and easy to complete.

Q23.  What is available in terms of client support for me?

We are always happy to help, provide suggestions and answer any questions that pop up from time to time via our email support desk. For more formalized and structured growth and implementation coaching support then see the options here: LINK COMING SOON

Q24.   Do you offer any marketing tips/tools for the service?

The way you approach how you market your business is entirely up to you. Each business is different so it is not something we tend to help individual clients directly with.

Having said that but there are plenty of valuable insights, ideas and suggestions in The Profitable Professional book for how to best approach it for maximum impact.

We are always happy to share best practice ideas with our clients though and plan to introduce a quarterly newsletter to support this.

Q25.   Will you limit the number of clients you take on in a geographic area?

Yes. It is important that our clients maintain a competitive edge and unique point of difference in the geographical locations in which they operate over their competition. We will carefully monitor each area to ensure that this balance is maintained. Once the target has been reached for a given area, no new clients will be accepted for that area. Clients will be accepted on a first come first served basis in that regard.

Q26.   What is your future plans for the service?

Our aim is to build our diagnostic business up to approximately 200 active clients within the next 12 months and then we will likely close the doors to new clients. It is our intention at this point to then focus on really accelerating the growth of our ACTIVE clients businesses by a creating vibrant community that encourages each of our clients to collaborate with each other.

What we love about the way we have structured the service is that our interests are completely aligned with our clients because if we focus on helping our clients to grow then we grow too as it means our clients will be putting higher volumes through the service. It’s win/win.

Also, new diagnostics will be introduced over time that will only be made available to existing clients together with other events, exclusive webinars and even annual ‘Profit on the Beach’ strategy retreats in sun-filled locations.

These won’t be made available to non-clients though so you must be an ACTIVE client to qualify to gain access to these potential extras and be included in this vibrant community of like-minded professionals moving forward.

Q27.  What is the process for getting started?

Once you have decided to become a client, we've made the registration process for you as easy and seamless as possible so you can be up and running as quickly as possible. The simple 5-stage process for getting started is as follows:

  1. Fully complete the new client registration form - click here
  2. Agreement and initial invoice preparation - On receipt of your registration details, we will prepare the agreement that will be sent to your email address for e-signing together with the associated invoice for payment.
  3. E-signing of the agreement and payment of invoice - You will e-sign the agreement, which we will countersign electronically. When both this and payment authorisation from you happens, we will move to Stage 4.
  4. Content customisation and portal set up - Here you will provide us with a copy of your logo, your colour palette codes and your required content for the Next Steps and Testimonials (the last 2 pages – see elements needed here) to be used for each report. On receipt we will complete the customisation work to brand the reports for your business. We will also undertake all of the associated set up work for your portal. You will also be sent a link for a specifically created shared Dropbox that will use for our work together.
  5. Sign off - Once the customisation work is complete for all 4 reports, we will send you an example report for you to sign off. Sign off is required within 48 hours of receipt. That's it, once sign off has happened your portal will be LIVE.