Let’s have a quick run through of how the service works. It's a really easy, scalable and streamlined 5-stage process.

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The four included business growth diagnostics in the service are the Business Health Check Indicator, Brand & Marketing Impact Indicator, Financial Awareness Indicator and Sales Efficiency Indicator. Collectively they cover the four main growth driver areas in a business. Each diagnostic tend to take the form of about 35 questions, each with Yes, No or Maybe answers, and each of which typically take a client less than 5 minutes to complete, so no more than 20 minutes overall.

Off the back of each set of diagnostic questions, a full tailored circa 20-page growth feedback report is produced based on how that client answered every single question for that diagnostic. The report for that diagnostic goes back out to your client branded entirely as your business, so the client only ever sees your brand as part of this process and not ours. Our service works in a really easy, scalable and streamlined 5-stage process.

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    Through marketing or otherwise, you identify prospective and/or existing clients and agree the terms with them. You set the price that your clients pay and take payment directly accordingly based on what you agree with them. ONE Processing Credit covers 1 report and the corresponding Advisor Summary Report also.

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    You then provide directly to your client the relevant diagnostic links for your branded client pages based on what you have agreed with them. We provide you with your portal links during the set up process. Remember, we have absolutely no contact with your client.

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    Your client must complete the relevant diagnostics, which they can access through the links you provide them. It is your responsibility to ensure that your client completes them all in a timely way.

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    Client responses are received by us, you are cc’d. We process the reports within 48 hours. When completed, the relevant report/s and the Advisor report/s are placed in a shared Dropbox. The receipt of client responses for a diagnostic through your unique link triggers a processing credit.

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    You retrieve the report/s from the shared Dropbox and provide them to your client in the way you have agreed with them, Once again, we have absolutely no contact with your client here. The client relationship is yours to manage.

It’s as easy and simple as that enabling you to fast track your own success.