Product Creation - Harnessing Your Untapped Business Intellectual Property (IP) Value

So what do we specifically mean by Product Creation here, as it’s meaning could be very wide. We are referring to product creation in the context of service-based businesses, such as chiropractors, coaches, personal trainers, PR consultants, service providers, business consultants, marketers or any other business that predominantly sells its service on a “time for money” basis - meaning those who typically charge their time on a hourly or daily basis. The inherent challenge with this business model is that if you don’t put in the time, you don’t get paid.

You are probably sitting on a mountain of untapped value in your business that you don’t even realize. Expertise, knowledge and processes that could be leveraged to turn into products that are capable of being sold to your market, with very little additional input of time once the product has been created. Having created over 20 products successfully in our business, we expanded to help other small business achieve the same in leveraging the value of their untapped intellectual property and turning it into valuable business assets that generate income. Build the RIGHT product assets and more income will follow!

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