Profit Rocket: The 5 Key Focus Areas To Skyrocket Your Profit.

Being good at the 'doing' part of your business isn't enough. Acting like an ostrich - with your head in the sand about the numbers side of your business - could cost you your business.

If your business is to meet its fullest potential, then you must be on top of the numbers, and truly undertsand what drives your profits. Master the contents of this book and watch your profit take off.

In Profit Rocket You Will Discover...

  • Profit Accelerator Formula

    The secret formula that when applied and truly understood has the power to transform the profits you are making from your business.

  • 135 Ideas To Improve Your Profit

    Receive over 135 ideas for ways to improve each of the five key focus areas revealed to you in the Profit Accelerator Formula.

  • 10-Step Profit Blueprint

    A powerful easy-to-understand and implement blueprint that you can put in place immediately to start improving your profits.

Profit Rocket is a must have book for anyone in business, or even thinking about going into business. I've recommended it to numerous clients as being the BEST business book I've read in a long time.
Great knowledge, well written, easy to understand and explained in a way that is easy to follow.
Also, thought provoking and great examples on how a few numbers can transform your business. I'd suggest you simply grasp this book immediately and read it cover to cover - then implement the strategies.
Wendy Howard
Small Business Expert