The Profitable Professional: The 10 key ingredients for building a highly profitable business coaching, consulting or advisory business.

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Welcome to The Profitable Professional by Kelly Clifford

The rules have changed. Clients are now expecting more growth focussed support than ever before and business support professionals must adapt to embrace this changing client paradigm or they will be left behind.

This book is written to help business coaches, consultants, advisors and more forward thinking business accountants to embrace this new paradigm so they can build their business in a more profitable and time efficient way. The 10 key ingredients covered are essential for doing this and will fast track your own business success.

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In The Profitable Professional You Will Discover...

  • 10 Key Ingredients

    Discover the 10 key ingredients that are pivotal in building a highly profitable business coaching, consulting or advisory business. Follow three case studies throughout the book to bring it to life for you.

  • 25 Detailed Strategies

    Receive 25 detailed improvement strategies with full implementation steps and tips so you can more easily apply it in your business.

  • 12-Step Profit Blueprint

    A powerful easy-to-understand and implement blueprint that you can put in place immediately for building a more profitable business.