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The Reality Is That Over 80% Of All Businesses Ultimately Fail. Be Sure That You Stand The Best Chance Of Not Becoming Part Of That Statistic As You Look To Start Your New Business

Starting a business is likely to be one of the most challenging yet rewarding things that you will likely ever do but it is important to recognise that it is not for everyone and it takes a certain type of person to be successful in business.

The reality is that over 80% of all businesses ultimately fail. That's 4 in 5 businesses. This startling statistic highlights just how important it is that you are as ready and prepared as you can be, before embarking on this journey if you stand any chance of bucking the trend.

This Start a Business Readiness Indicator will help you gauge whether you are ready to start your business by assessing seven key areas that are important for helping to ensure that you beat the odds in building an enduring and successful business.

The Indicator Assesses The Following Seven Areas:

  • General Readiness

    Your general readiness for starting a business

  • Personal Characteristics

    Whether you possess the necessary personality traits.

  • Business Plan

    Your level of business planning preparedness.

  • Regulations & Protection

    Your awareness of relevant regulations and protection measures.

  • Your Market

    Your knowledge of your intended market.

  • Sales & Marketing

    Your readiness from a sales and marketing perspective.

  • Finance

    Your readiness from a finance perspective.

So, Here's What You Get:

  • You will receive a FULL detailed report is circa 22 pages
  • You receive very detailed feedback for each of the 7 key areas
  • Get comprehensive feedback for how you answered each and every question. There are 45 of them!
  • Valuable recommendations for how you can improve each area
  • Key action points for you to implement.
  • Get the insights on any areas you need to improve before you start your business.
  • It is completely risk free. We give you a 30 day full money back guarantee where If you can honestly say that you are not 100% satisfied with what you get and have derived no value from it, then we will see to it that every penny or cent of your money is refunded to you – GUARANTEED.

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    After you complete your test, we will analyze your answers and will send the full report to you by email to your inbox within 24 hours. That's it. It's as easy as that!


What People Are Saying

The Start a Business Readiness Indicator is one of the most useful business tools we have come across; highlighting the areas where we need more help as well as those where we are knowledgeable enough to tackle internally. Neither areas are always instantly obvious and sometimes the test highlighted surprising results which we wouldn’t have recognised without the test. Furthermore, having scored well in areas where we had previously felt nervous helped boost our confidence to tackle these areas internally. The Key Action Points helped us identify how we can improve in the areas where we didn’t score strongly; with clear bullet points and guidelines as to how to do so. Starting any business truly is a massively challenging project; but the Start a Business Readiness Indicator gives you the confidence to do so coupled with the ability to recognise your key strengths and weaknesses.

Gabriela Hersham CEO & Founder of Huckle Tree