What People Are Saying About The Profitable Professional - All LOVED it!


Sammy Blindell - CEO of says:

"If you’ve ever felt ‘owned’ by your clients or that your business was running you, rather than you running it… you MUST read The Profitable Professional! If you want to build your business by design and not default, and stop yourself from making the simple mistakes that will cost you greatly long-term, then you must invest in this book now."

Tracey Bovingdon - CEO of Mind Your Own Buisness says:

"I only wish this book had been around a few years ago…it would have made my other businesses a lot easier to run! The Profitable Professional is the sort of book that I will read and encourage others to read many times to keep the business on track."

A simple no-nonsense book for the professional, big or small. In The Profitable Professional Kelly confronts the key issues surrounding profit and shows you how to come out the other side as the winner. Refreshingly focused on what you can do in your business today! When should you read it? The simple answer is: now… before your competitors find out about it!

Robert Craven Author, Grow Your Service Firm

The Profitable Professional is a precise roadmap on how to have both a successful business and a better life. I wish I had it when I started my consulting practice many years ago. Each chapter can stand alone and be useful over and over during your career.  It’s an essential read. Great job Kelly!

Thomas Gay CEO,
Martin Horton, Managing Director, Rivington Accounts

The Profitable Professional is written from the heart, a really honest view of running a professional business. Business books often leave me ‘cold’ after reading them as they don’t feel like they have been written by a human. Kelly has been brave enough to share some real insights into the problems that we all face and offers a solution that savvy accountants and business advisers can use. Selfishly, I don’t want my peers to read this book! It is full of practical and valuable exercises to follow that will help move you from where you are now with your business to a much better place – wherever you decide to be.

Angela Harkness, Founder,

From start to finish, The Profitable Professional really resonated with me but it was also reassuring to know that it was coming from a place of someone who has walked the walk; so every aspect of this book is tried, tested and experienced. What I LOVE most about it is how this book in laid out. From chapter to chapter it walks you through the journey of creating a business plan, a sales strategy and product development all in one. So if the advice is taken and the exercises completed it is a powerful tool that takes away the ‘headless chicken’ feeling you can get just trying to best work out how to attract clients to part with their money and buy your services. This book is definitely going on the High Heeler bookshelf and will be used as a valuable reminder for myself and an effective tool to help my clients.

"A very impressive read. The Profitable Professional contains the information anyone new to running a business needs at the very start of their journey. It’s easy to tell this has been written straight from the heart, based on real experience. Us practitioners are generally not drawn to business, but rather to the need to help others, which makes this book all the more important as it will help any practitioner understand the need to have a plan and action it. It’s laid out in a very easy to follow structure enabling any therapist, coach or consultant to use the techniques as a blueprint for success.”

Geoff Simons, Founder, Private Practice Hub

The Profitable Professional is packed with words of wisdom for those wanting to establish themselves as coaches, consultants or advisors, and those who think they have established themselves, but really aren’t getting the results they expected. It will make you question your real motives and take reality check exercises. Cases illustrate the points made, including lessons others have learned the hard way. This makes it a great read for those starting out, and those looking to accelerate their performance.

Paul Barnett
Founder & CEO, Strategic Management Forum

Yvonne Bignall - Co-Founder, Love Entrepreneurs and YvonneB Ltd says:

"Kelly has delivered a very practical and insightful book with tips and strategies that once understood, have the potential to increase your profit exponentially on implementation. Of the many suggestions, I identified 5 that I would want to work on immediately to make my businesses more profitable. What I love about The Profitable Professional is that it’s a really easy to read book with interactive exercises, great case study examples to demonstrate the key points and plenty of ideas to shake your business out of complacency into a thriving state. Numbers have never been so easy!"

"Kelly has a refreshing writing manner that makes the 10 key ingredients for building a highly profitable business coaching, consulting or advisory business actually achievable. The Profitable Professional breaks everything down and cuts to the chase especially in dealing with the right people, clients and support. The case studies make it real and the success tips back it all up. This is a no brainer to read for any professional or business owner!"

Kerrie Dorman, Founder, Association of Business Mentors
Tom Berry, Managing Director, Autus Consulting

"Loved it, loved it, LOVED IT. I really enjoyed reading The Profitable Professional. I could relate to the start-up and business evolution journey exactly. It is the perfect con-tent and flow for its intended audience. The real experience of the good, bad and ugly comes through and the advice is definitely beneficial and value-add to the reader. It was inspiring and has given me new energy and ideas."

Rob Hines, Managing Director, Coaction Solutions

"Our main focus is on supporting our clients in their business development initiatives, it is all too easy to get wrapped up in meeting their business needs, and expectations. Which can, from time to time, mean our own business development takes second place. So whether starting out, or an established consultancy or advisory business, I believe, it is essential to keep a copy of The Profitable Professional at hand, to be used as a point of reference, at all times."

“Through a personable and sometimes cathartic reflection of his own experiences, Kelly offers an excellent induction to a more formalised and profitable way of working. For those who have taken a leap into the unknown and become their own boss, The Profitable Professional is littered with insight. Bringing together and re-enforcing a number of industry and academic principles with the right amount of anecdote blended expertise to ensure each chapter can be taken alone, in bite sized learning, or as a greater reward when digested as a whole. Accessible high level guidance dips into just the right amount of detail where required, providing an easy start or supplement on your own journey to greater financial awareness, while simultaneously raising a mirror to your own enterprise – asking you to truly value yourself, your time & your unrealised financial potential. A valuable addition to any business library.”

David Gauld, Head of BD Operations,
Tim Mutton, Founder and Managing Director, TPM Group of Companies

“To me The Profitable Professional is quite simply a must read for all in the coaching, consulting or advisory business. In it, Kelly cuts through the noise and distils down in an easy to understand way the core ingredients for building a highly profitable practice.  His engaging writing style makes it very easy to digest the detail and inspires ACTION. Highly recommended.”

Jermaine Edwards, Key Account Growth, Author, Coach, Speaker & Founder of the Key Account Hack

“Kelly's view of business that he shares in The Profitable Professional is so refreshing in its practicality and relevance. It spoke directly to the challenges I saw and gave me a new perspective that has enabled me to discover new ways to grow. A must read for any serious business owner, entrepreneur, coach or consultant wanting to know what matters most in business and how to grow more profitably."

If you’ve ever felt ‘owned’ by your clients or that your business was running you, rather than you running it… you MUST read The Profitable Professional! Everything about the advice Kelly shares is practical, giving you tips, strategies and advice to put in place immediately. Just by going through the exercises that have been carefully laid out in each chapter, I've realised that the reason I fell out of love with my previous 6 businesses is because I was building the wrong businesses very successfully! Now that I’ve dug deep and followed Kelly’s structured approach to profitable business growth, I know how to make sure my existing business is profitably built to last! Seriously, if you want to build your business by design and not default, and stop yourself from making the simple mistakes that will cost you greatly long-term, then you must invest in this book now.

Sammy Blindell
Founder & CEO, How To Build A Brand.

Sara Noel - Founder, Strategize Your Biz says:

"The Profitable Professional has been written by Kelly in such a way you feel as though he is speaking directly to the reader. Kelly has taken all of his experience and packaged it in a way that speaks from the heart. It is clear that the sole purpose of this book is to guide the reader through each stage of launching or developing a consultancy business. This is a must read for anyone who wants to maximise their true potential in order to grow a profitable business."

"A simple yet compelling read for all business coaches, consultants, advisors and accountants who want to move their business forward at PACE! Kelly will make you smile as you read and resonate with the content and at the same time will have you scurrying around looking for a pen to make notes on specific actions that you know will make a massive difference to your business. His unselfish approach to sharing knowledge, ideas and tools is admirable in so many ways."

Gavin Scott, Director, LOAF Training
Brian Wrigley, Managing Director, Maximum Profit Growth

"As a long standing Business Coach / Consultant I found this book to be a breath of fresh air for three reasons. 1) A lot of it is what I teach clients, and yet don’t look in the mirror and do myself. I know this stuff works and Kelly has put it across in a very real way. 2) It is full of personal experience and case studies to show how the practical theories can be easily translated into actual results, and 3) If I was going to write a book for myself it would be so similar to this it is scary. If you are in the world of helping small business owners, you must buy this book, read this book then implement everything you learn from this book and share with the world your success, plus the subsequent success of your clients, because they are the ones who deserve your help.”

Eny Osung, Managing Director, Small Biz – eMarketing

"The Profitable Professional perfectly captures the dilemmas and challenges of today’s business consultancies. This book is essential for all ambitious businesses who want to do more than just survive day-to-day – it’s the platform to pay attention to the things that matter, build a successful business and create a legacy. Being a small business owner myself, I couldn’t resist taking on the 25% Challenge. I am amazed to already be seeing the increase in my revenue without much more effort. This book really is the ultimate profitability coach in my pocket!”

I’m not normally a big business reader but was immediately drawn in by how engaging The Profitable Professional is. There’s clearly a huge amount of knowledge and understanding of the problems business consultants, coaches and advisors face and I found myself resonating with many points – the chapter on business by design is one EVERY business owner should read! The way the book is broken down into bite size summaries, action points, checklists and case studies means I’m sure many people will not only be able to get huge value from reading the content, but also be able to see how they can go and implement it right away in their business.

Dave Plunkett
Co-Founder, Practice advantage

The Profitable Professional contains a wide range of practical advice for anyone running a professional services business. For those newly starting out there is excellent advice on getting things right from the start, for those already in business the succinct format with check lists and summaries is a good reminder to keep coming back to again and again. In my experience, an ongoing battle when you lead a business in which you are also a skilled practitioner is the tendency to be drawn into working in the business rather than on it. The Profitable Professional is a great reminder to keep assessing your progress and it offers vital guidance about how to achieve better results.

Jefferson Lynch, Client Director, Red Olive Analytics

The Profitable Professional is an essential straight-talking guide to what matters in growing your business to a more profitable one. Our unique startup accelerator pro-gramme hosts many businesses and I am now recommending Kelly's book as required reading. It's easy to follow, progressive structure with checklists and sound financial advice (Kelly's background showing here) means you can be sure the efforts you put in will be rewarded.

Allister Frost, Director, Acorn Innovations

The Profitable Professional is a must read for any business consultant or advisor looking to improve their bottom line and in particular their net profit with simple formulae. Kelly has a wonderful talent in writing about business strategy for SME consulting firms in an intuitive and poetic way. Reading this book is an absolute investment! Highly recommended.'

Barry Connellan, Managing Director, Franchising Development Solutions International (FDSI)

"Reading The Profitable Professional felt like Kelly had written it for me. His open-mindedness to share his experiences including the ups and downs of owning your own business are truly eye opening. Not just a pleasure to read, but an investment in your business. With practical guidelines to follow, this book will be referred time and time again. This is a must read for anyone just starting out or seasonal professionals who want to have a tighter grip on their business growth."

Matt Jennings-Temple, Owner, MPJT Consulting Services