We help business coaches, consultants, advisors & accountants to ATTRACT, WIN and RETAIN more profitable business clients.

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You’re about to discover the secret behind making MORE PROFIT in LESS TIME and with LESS STRESS, a secret that’s GUARANTEED to help your business to profitably THRIVE.

If you’re a business coach, consultant, advisor or accountant who is also a business owner, you’ll know what it’s like. It takes all your energy to keep the business running. You’re constantly under pressure to keep things ticking over, keep your staff happy if you have them, and keep clients coming through the door. You’ve got your eyes fixed on everyday operations, and that means you’re not always able to see the BIG PICTURE.  Something’s holding your business back…

You often find yourself facing some or all of the following four challenges:

  • Getting the 'working in' vs. 'working on' your business balance right because you are time poor.
  • Lack of consistent 'qualified' lead generation for new business.
  • Grappling with the curse of time consuming unqualified FREE consultations or wasted coffee meetings that lead nowhere.
  • Your client discovery taking too long and being too complicated – putting many potential clients off.

At Profit in Focus we help Business Support Professionals (which includes business coaches, consultants, accountants and advisors) to ATTRACT, WIN and RETAIN more profitable business clients through our unique white-labeled business 'growth' diagnostics and reporting service. Our service is designed to become part of your business process for all of your clients. We’ve done all of the hard work for you in creating them so you can simply harness the power of them and fast track your own success.