We are on a mission to help better equip business accountants with “value add” tools and resources so that they can better support the growth needs of their clients and in the process help them to attract more profitable clients for themselves.

Hi I’m Kelly Clifford, I’m a Profit Specialist with over 15 years experience, the best-selling author of the book Profit Rocket and the Founder of Profit In Focus

No longer is it enough for accounting practices to just provide accounts, statutory and backward focused compliance related support. They must be more proactive. The focus has shifted to a more “value added” approach around supporting business growth not just dealing with the “numbers” in an isolated vacuum. The reality is that those accounting businesses that embrace this and evolve for this new paradigm will THRIVE and those that don’t will wither. It might sound harsh but its true.

We here at Profit in Focus are on a mission to help better equip accountants, such as yourself, with “value add” tools and resources you need to better support the growth needs that clients are now looking for from you but in a profitable way.

We look forward to hopefully working with you very soon and wish you every profitable success in any event.

To your profitable success!