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Simon Dixon- CEO of says:

"An invaluable book for businesses, especially those seeking funding who need to take control of their numbers. I really like the Ostrigh analogy as I see a lot of people doing it as explained in my video review. Gets a double thumbs up from me."

Rockets are built by people who know their numbers. I just attended the book launch for this book. I’m so thrilled that someone with Kelly’s knowledge and passion has put it into a book. He’s identified the big profit drivers, how to measure them and how to improve them. If you’ve decided that you’re not only in business for the love of it, read this book! … It’s going to set your sights on a healthy bank balance that moves in the right direction each month.

Daniel Priestley Dual Best-selling Author of Key Person of Influence and Entrepreneur Revolution
This is a fantastic book, that is so well written, taking the reader on a journey through their own head and their own business. Kelly has a fantastic understanding of the challenges and obstacles that small business owners face on a daily basis. In this book, he takes you through a process of understanding those obstacles and how we can use that understanding to our advantage, with concrete exercises. Craig Vallis, Entrepreneur and Solution Architect
Be ready to keep this book by your side. This book is only 205 pages but this is a bible! I found anything I needed to know not only grow my business but more importantly to grow my profit. And that's the magic: you can have a more profitable business by increasing your sales AND decreasing your expenditures. Expect exercises, tips and new avenues to make money. If you are serious about growing your business to the next level as I am, buy Profit Rocket, this is an investment you won't regret! Severine Foisy d'Angicourt
I would recommend Profit Rocket to any business owner who wants to grow their business. It provides incredibly useful advice and not just in areas of finance, although this is clearly the area that the author knows best. The book is written very well and the exercises ensure you are putting the advice into practice straight away. I am already starting to use many of the teachings to improve my own company, and more to the point I am already starting to see the results. John Auckland, Sales Director at Thread Group

It’s embarrassing as a business owner to have to slink by and sidestep conversations that have numbers in them. This was my deepest, darkest secret…yeah, I HATE NUMBERS and don’t get them at all…

…or at least that was until Profit Rocket illuminated my world. Thank goodness someone could see my world so clearly and speak my language so I’d not only understand numbers but fall in love with them! This book turns numbers into a game and I LOVE the 135 ideas to get you started. Great tips!

I admit it took me two weeks of staring at this book on my shelf because it was about NUMBERS, but I took the plunge and to my absolute surprise found it FUN! There are tons of useful exercises and the “dry matter” is written as if Kelly Clifford is sitting with me at my kitchen table.

This book completely changed my thinking around profit, numbers and WHY I’m in business. I love what I do (Japanese tea) but now I’m able to see that by boosting my profit, I can spread my love of Japanese tea to more people. I view making a profit more for the benefit of others than for me personally. No longer do I feel guilty about making a lot of money

Holly Helt Founder of Chiki Tea
Matt Hodkinson, CEO at Influence Agents Kelly has provided a blueprint for bringing security and a certain amount of predictability to your business finances. In a very formulaic way, his process centres around the elements of profitability that we as business owners should all know, but for one reason or another, consistently fail to apply. The exercises are easy to follow, and Kelly provides a mass of ideas and tips for "how to" improve in key areas. I feel sure that anyone can benefit from at least some, if not all the insights in the book, just as I did. Well worth the investment.
MD at The Financial Gymnast Just attended Kelly's book launch and he gave such a great speech about why people should know their business numbers, which is a subject very dear to my own heart, that he inspired me to put down my kindle and read a real book. His book is very much a toolkit of strategies and can be read cover to cover or dipped in and out of. I am passionate about business people understanding how the numbers in their business work so devour anything on the subject and Profit Rocket is right up there. It is a great book to read if you are serious about securing business profitability.

"If Only I Had This Book When I Started My Business!! Where to start... Simply amazing, practical advice that no small business owner should be without. Kelly's ability to articulate his expertise is utterly refreshing. I can't recommend highly enough. If I had read this book when I was starting out, my first year profit would have been much, much higher. Nobody should start a business without first reading this book!" Adam Hamadache, Chief Wow Officer at The Wow Guest Group
Very well structured and informative. I had the pleasure in reading this book recently. It honed in on some of the key areas that should always be considered in order to really understand how well the business is performing and which areas need more attention - this is in addition to stimulating thought and ideas that I can now apply to my business.
Katherine Bishop
CEO - Pure Business Support
Joel Young, Creator & Custodian of NPA
Kelly has written a very practical and easy to follow book that does a great job of laying out the fundamental, but oft forgotten, numbers part of all businesses. With reassuring straight forwardness he guides the reader through his easy to follow formula that helps you stay clear about your financial position and direction. I found the section on price setting and now that relates to profit particularly useful. Well done Kelly!
Susan Andrewes, Success Coach I really enjoyed 'Profit Rocket'. It is divided into engaging, easy-to-read chapters and offers solid, no-nonsense advice as well as very useful strategies and tips for managing the money side of your business. I have found personally that it has given me a lot to think about and implement in my own business. I'd highly recommend it.
Profit Rocket is a must have book for anyone in business, or even thinking about going into business. I’ve recommended it to numerous clients as being the BEST business book I’ve read in a long time.
Great knowledge, well written, easy to understand and explained in a way that is easy to follow.
Also, thought provoking and great examples on how a few numbers can transform your business. I’d suggest you simply grasp this book immediately and read it cover to cover – then implement the strategies.
Wendy Howard
Small Business Expert
Do you want to take a look at your business with a fresh set of eyes? Perhaps strip back your current processes and procedures and renew what you are doing? This is the book for you. Kelly shows you how it not a hard process, follow his key tips and advice and you cannot go wrong. I loved the book, if you want to refresh your numbers then don't delay in getting started to `profit rocket' your business.
Rachel Hubbard, CEO of Deaf Umbrella
At last! A book that makes numbers meaningful and also provides many useful tips and ideas as to how profits may be increased in a practical way. Kelly not only has a deep understanding on how numbers work, however has the rare ability of 'translating' them into words busy business people are able to digest and apply easily.
What also makes this book a 5 star rating is its layout. You can easily refer back to it. There are some very useful and easy-to-follow exercises in it too. A must-read for all of us who know it's not just about cashflow. Realising healthy profits is fundamental.
John Coupland, Author of Accelerate Your Social Media
This book is a must read for anyone that wishes to get a handle on the numbers in their business. What I loved about this book is that by the end of it (if you were like me) you love the numbers! Kelly breaks it all down into bite size chunks and making it really easy for the reader to get it. If you want an easy to read book where numbers become your best friend this is the one to get!
Marina Pearson, Author of Goodbye Mr Ex
quote-tip I think we all shy away from knowing our business numbers properly. If you want a clear, no-nonsense guide to understanding the numbers in your business without the confusing accountancy jargon then Profit Rocket is THE must have book. I read Kelly's book quickly and was able to absorb all the information easily. This is the type of book you need with you daily as a referral guide and handbook and I recommend the exercises to get you in touch with what maybe a scary area for you. Knowing your numbers is critical to the success of every business and Kelly helps you understand how to do that easily. Go and buy copies for presents for anyone you know who has a business.
- Gina Hardy, Yoga Expert
quote-tip Saw this book as recommended reading in an industry trade magazine. Quite simply the best book ever read on business development. Having been in business for 10 years wish I’d read this years ago! Better than any interaction had with accountants, written in clear and easy to understand manner. Highly recommended read to any business owner!
- Toojays