Your First Step to a Profitable Small Business

Profit ImageIf you are reading this you are probably a small business owner, and if it was the title that attracted you to open this blog there’s also a pretty good chance that your small business isn’t as profitable as you dreamt it would be when you took the plunge.

A common complaint for small business owners is they don’t ever seem to see all their hard work and perseverance delivering the levels profit or financial stability it warrants. Or worse still business owners are working impossibly long hours only to scrape by month to month. It must be frustrating, depressing, and probably frightening too. It certainly a far cry from the dream of financial freedom and independence that helped drive you out of employment and into being the boss.

If that sounds remotely like you, well you’re in luck because if your business is already up and running, or if you have the kernel of a great idea, it’s possible to take you into profitability if you apply a set of rules and best practices to your business.

It will involve taking yourself out of the doing part of the business for a little while and focusing on the numbers that your business generates, because it’s in the understanding and changing of these numbers that you profitability, and in truth your future prosperity lies. It really does.

Many of you will be frightened by the prospect of looking at these numbers, and I promise you I’ve heard every excuse under the sun from; my accountant deals with the books to I was not good at arithmetic at school.

It doesn’t matter, what we will be looking at in this blog over the coming weeks and months are tried and test, simple to follow, easy to use method for generating more profit. None of which require anything more than a simple grasp of arithmetic. I promise you!

Now if you are genuinely ready to change your business, your life, and the lives of those around you; now is the time to step up, take responsibility and turn your business into the profit generating machine you love to work on.

Look forward to seeing you here again next week.

To your profitable success!



If you want to work on the profitability of your business now, you are welcome to click through to our completely free Profit Health Check Tool that will allow you to take the first few steps to a more profitable business today.


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Good luck,



Kelly is a qualified accountant with over 12 years experience and from interacting and working with 100s of small business owners, has a real awareness of some of the struggles that many face when it comes managing the finance side of their business which he has alluded to in his best selling book Profit Rocket. He is passionate about helping small business owners to make more profit in less time with less stress.